STALKO sp. z o.o. has been providing services in the scope of production and repair of hydraulic cylinders since 1985. As a part of our activities, we provide our Clients with technical consulting and designing the elements of hydraulic actuators by the experienced teams of constructors. The products made by us are, above all, the products of high quality adjusted to the raw conditions of the industry in which they will be used.

In-house team
of designers
and engineers

Over 35 years
of experience

Support at every
stage of cooperation

High quality
confirmed by
satisfied clients

Working for the biggest and the most demanding companies from the industrial, mining sector and also from production and machine service sector, is not only a great privilege but also a great responsibility which we have been undertaking with a great passion for more than 35 years.

Our experience allows us to produce hydraulic cylinders with a guarantee of their failure-free operation, individual approach to the design and short delivery dates.
Our team of expert constructors and engineers puts an emphasis not only on the quality control and proper standards but it is also ready to meet all, even unusual, needs of clients.


Industrial machines which use specialised hydraulic cylinders are advanced equipment and each situation related to its malfunction is associated with costly downtime. That’s why the selection of a proper supplier of these elements means great responsibility. Trust our experience.

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