Shot blasting is an abrasive blasting treatment that allows to obtain the highest degree of cleanliness of the surface and its specific roughness. The aim of the treatment is to remove any contamination such as rust, mill scale or remains of old paint coatings as well as to give the material proper structure providing an excellent adhesion of protective coatings. We have a pressurised cabin with a working surface of 100x850x750 [mm] and a load capacity of 160 kg.

Painting. The professional spray booth used in our plant allows to conduct the process of spray application of the layers of paint in controlled conditions, adapted each time to the requirements of a given coating type. In connection with experience and with the staff constantly increasing its qualifications, it provides high-quality paint coatings.

The internal dimensions of the chamber are 4×5.4×2.85 [m] and the maximum possible airflow, with two-stage filtration and heat exchange at the level of 85%, is 18 000 [m3/h].

Machining allows obtaining the objects with complicated shapes and low surface roughness while maintaining very high dimensional and shape accuracy. We undertake:

  • conventional and CNC turning – ⌀ for a shaft from diameter 5 to diameter 500 mm and length 2500 mm
  • conventional and CNC milling – with the maximum dimensions 1100x500x400
  • shafts grinding – ⌀ for a shaft with a diameter of 10 to 500 mm and a length of 1500 mm
  • holes grinding – ⌀ for a shaft with a diameter of 18 to 600mm and a length of 500 mm
  • turning holes on a machining centre – from the diameter of 8 mm to 170 mm
  • drilling, reaming, threading

Oxygen cutting is a very popular method of separating metals, especially cutting low carbon and low alloy steels. Due to many possibilities, the range of application of this method is very wide. It is perfect for cutting thicker materials and it gives an opportunity to cut at various angles.

We undertake thermal metal cutting using computer steered Cutter II gas cuter from Zamet company. The size of the working area allows processing the sheets up to the overall dimensions of 3000×2000 [mm], while the coaxial burner with Wissa head from MESSER company allows to cut the sheets up to 100 [mm] thickness.


Industrial machines which use specialised hydraulic cylinders are advanced equipment and each situation related to its malfunction is associated with costly downtime. That’s why the selection of a proper supplier of these elements means great responsibility. Trust our experience.

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